Larkhall Baptist Church


As a Baptist Church we are made up of many people involved in many different activities that both support and maintain those who worship with us, as well as look out to our community.

Our key teams are:

Worship Team

– Every Sunday morning and evening we meet together and we praise God through song as part of our worship to Jesus.  The worship team are formed of musicians and singers who seek to honour God and lead the congregation into His presence through sung worship.

Media Team

– Technically gifted and skilled at operating the various audio and visual facilities we have it is clear that without them we wouldn’t know what we were singing and we couldn’t hear what is going on.  The media team are a vital ingredient to our worship of God.

Outreach Team

– Jesus told his disciples to ‘go’ into the world. Then that was into Jerusalem and then the world around Jerusalem, Samaria, and then to the ends of the earth.  The outreach team at Larkhall Baptist is made up of those who have a heart to see God impact our local community, as well as Scotland, as well as see the whole world.  A creative and energetic  group, vital to the life of the church we are currently seeking how to best operate in Larkhall.

Pastoral Team

– Caring for those in the congregation is very necessary.  As we journey through life together we need support in times of crisis and times of strife and struggle.  It is wonderful to have a capable team who offer their time to quietly care for and minister to those who are in need.